In the heart of Lenawee

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        We hope to be a light for Christ in every corner of our county.

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The Movement

A four-week series will address the context in which Jesus makes some of his most bold statements about the church and how the church will turn the world upside down!


Malachi - The Father's love

We will be spending 3 weeks working through the prophetic truth of this amazing Old Testament book.  We are looking at who God is and what our appropriate response to His love should be.


Parabola - Part 2

Jesus' parables carried some deep thoughts to those around him.  Sometimes those near him understood what he was saying while other times his disciples would ask him in private.  We have an opportunity to go even more deep to understand them.  



Easter @ Ogden 

God has something for us this Easter.  He wants to teach us something new and exciting. Too many times we think that we've heard it all on Easter, but lets face it...we'll never solve the full mysteries of God!



Parabola - Jesus Secrets

Judge not or judge?  Is it never OK to judge or are we showing love by judging at times?  Oh...and what about that speck in your eye?  Jesus first secret is about if, when and how we should judge.  The parabola is in play...

Experiencing God's Grace Together

God's grace is a personal thing, but it's also meant to be experience by others.  What is keeping you from stepping toward the rest of the Body of Christ?


Bethlehem...the little town placed outside of Jerusalem.  Of course we know what it's famous for, but this little town should has something for us today!  Christmas is more than being about the birth of Jesus. It's about our lives changing because of that birth!


What would make you see more value in yourself?  If you chose God or He chose you?  It's an interesting idea to wrestle with during this season of Thanksgiving.