Ogden Church
Elder Board

Ogden Church is an Elder led church in line with what we believe to be the teaching of Scripture. Elders are selected by a nominating committee using the qualifications found in 1 Timothy and Titus, and are approved by a congregational vote.
Members of the Elder Board serve 3 year terms.

Bill Stutzman—Chairman
contact: stutzman@ogdentel.com

Brandon Rickard—Lead Pastor
contact: brandon@ogdenchurch.org

Jerry Barron
contact: jerryb@barroninsurance.com

Jim Beach
contact: jimbeachyl@gmail.com

Dick Bennett
contact: levelonedick@tc3net.com

Dave Daniels
contact: proverbs1920@yahoo.com

Scott Langmeyer
contact: slangmeyer@icloud.com

Dan Maloy
contact: dan@danmaloycpa.com

Steve McComb
contact: smccomb0@gmail.com

Nathan Sharpe
contact: nsharpe@lenawee.org

Tory Terrill
contact: tory@milanmich.org