Step 3 Life Groups

At Ogden Church we believe there is a limit to how far a person can grow spiritually if they are not connected to other people in a Life Group. Take a look at the groups we currently have meeting and see which might be the best fit for you!

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When: 1st and 3rd Sundays 3-5pm
Where: Ogden Church
Leaders: Derek & Tiffany Yatzek and Nate & Alison Sharpe
Contact: 517.403.6526/

We are a group of Jesus loving, sleep deprived, done with having kids, parents who are longing to invest in our kids and our marriages. Even though we all struggle to make this a priority, we know how important it is that we get together and encourage one another to grow in our walk and impact the world around us for Christ. Plus, we are just a fun loving group that is awesome. Kids are welcome, and families will share the cost of childcare.

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When: First Sunday of the month 12-2pm
Where: Ogden Church
Leaders: Bill & Lora Stutzman
Contact: 517.260.1783

We are a group of singles and couples in the life stage of enjoying adult children and grandchildren, but not exclusively retired folks.  We would love to have you join us as we follow after Christ and encourage each other through life’s journey.

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When: 2 Sundays a month
Where: Alternates between Sand Creek and Manitou Beach
Leaders: Dick & Pat Bennett and Tim & Linda Sauter
Contact: 517.403.6837

We are a life group of young seniors doing life together through fellowship and service.  We love enjoying good food and good company when we get together.   Our goal is to dive into God’s word and apply it to our lives.

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When: One weekend evening per month
Where: Rotating locations between Onsted and Adrian
Leaders: Gerald & Evelyn Sanford
Contact: 517.403.7856

We are currently studying the Old Testament book of Daniel.  There are about 5 couples in our group right now. We are all from around Onsted and Adrian. Our meetings usually include a meal. We enjoy studying God’s word together.

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When: 2nd and 4th Mondays 6pm
Where: Christian Family Centre (childcare provided at $10/family)
Leaders: Jerry & Debra Barron and Scott & Bonnie Langmeyer
Contact: 419.345.2362

Our Life Group is currently seeking members to join us! Our group’s mission and vision is to transform lives through the word of God and to make disciples of Christ in our church and local communities through loving each other and in-depth Bible study. It is our desire to provide solid Biblical teaching for Christians to strengthen them in their everyday lives.

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When: 2nd and 4th Mondays
Where: 1491 S. Raisin Center Highway, Adrian (Rickard's)
Leaders: Brandon & Wendy Rickard and Dave & Krista Masterson
Contact: 810.417.0412/

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I would love to talk football and cleaning products in the same evening”? Have we got the perfect group for you! Oh, and we also love Jesus. Way more than football or cleaning products. Seriously, we are committed to growing in our understanding of God’s amazing love, and how that shapes our lives. We would love to have you join us as we do life together! Kids are welcome, we usually eat dinner together!

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When: TBD Mid-September, (Sundays after 2nd Service)
Where: Ogden Church
Leaders: Don & Pam Neuroth
Contact: 517.260.0688/

We love to have fun together!  Our group is a place to build relationships that offer support and encouragement. Most of us have older or adult children, and are looking for ways to connect our faith to our everyday lives. We spend more time connecting than in study, but we try to do both. We love each other, and would love to have you!

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When: Every other Friday 6:30pm
Where: Alternating between 19 Greenbrier Ct., Adrian and 7630 Seneca Highway, Morenci
Leaders: Sheldon & Mary Lange and Keith & Shanda Keiser
Contact: 517.403.1964/

Our group has become like family to each other and has been such a blessing to all of us for several years. Personally speaking, it changed our hearts and minds, when we were still fairly new at Ogden, from thinking that this church felt too big to connect well with other people, to feeling like an important and cared about member of a church family. We find that most of our time together is spent in fellowship and prayer, although we have done specific studies as well.

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When: TBD
Where: TBD
Leaders: Mack & Amy Pettit and Candy Taulton
Contact: 517.902.6361/

We are a group that LOVES serving!! We are following Jesus’ words from Matthew 25:40: “whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” We will be out in the community working, helping, and building relationships with others that live here in Lenawee County. Each meeting will involve a different service project somewhere in the community. We would love to have those with a heart for service, not afraid to get your hands a little dirty, legs a little weak, arms a little heavy, and heart extra full.  Let’s build up HIS kingdom and serve HIS people right here in Lenawee County.

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When: 1st and 3rd Saturday 7pm
Where: Daniels's House
Leaders: Dave & Katie Daniels
Contact: 517.920.0446/

We LOVE HUGS!! (except for Dave)  We are a group of young families that want to share our lives with one another.  We hope to grow in our marriages, and as parents, as we pursue Christ together.  We have a lot of crazy kids and we are both teacher/farmer combo couple! We are marriage and parenting focused, and kids are more than welcome!

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Young Adults


When: Saturdays 7-9pm
Where: 2546 Bent Oak Avenue Apt. B, Adrian
Leader: Jack Hickly
Contact: 412.600.7254

Are you single, young married without kids, under the age of 45?! Well then this is the Ogden Church Life Group for you! We are excited to welcome anyone from post-high school to into the murky ambiguity of "young-adulthood" to come and enjoy in fellowship with us as we strive grow deeper in our love and understanding of the Gospel. So come on over and join us, if you hate it Jack will personally give you a refund ;)


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When: 2nd Saturday of the month
Where: Ogden Church Café
Leader: Jerry Barron
Contact: 419.345.2362

The Sentinel Group, which is a monthly meeting of Men’s Ministry here at Ogden, with the purpose of providing men opportunities to get together with other men to share in our successes, struggles, but more importantly to do an in-depth bible study so we can learn what Christ says a man’s role is in the family, church, and community. Our goal is to bring in a speaker each month to go along with our study.  As we learn more about being a servant of Christ, our hope is to then provide a team of men ready and willing to serve our families, church, and community wherever needed. We meet in the Ogden Cafe and breakfast is provided.

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Women's Prayer

When: Tuesday Mornings 10am
Where: Ogden Church Conference Room
Leader: Geri Benko
Contact: 517.403.5009

Women's Prayer Group meets each Tuesday at 10:00am in the upstairs conference room at the church. In obedience to God's Word, our continual call is to pray with and for each other, our church family, and the world. Please join us if you are looking to connect and pray with us, or simply bless us with the opportunity to pray for you by contacting Geri Benko or by visiting the Ogden Church public group on Facebook.