Check Back for Details on Men’s Retreat 2020!

Q: Where is the retreat held?
A: Timber Wolf Lake. A Young Life camp and retreat center. Visit them on the web HERE.

Q: How do we get to retreat?
A: We carpool or you can come on your own.

Q: Is it only for Ogden men?
A: No way! All men (18 and older) are welcome!


Q: What do we do at Men's Retreat?
A: We will worship together, learn together and play together. There will also be "down time" for you to have some fun in the snow, or hang out in the rec room with pool tables, ping pong, and more. Or you're welcome to bring your favorite book and just relax.


Q: What do I need to bring?
A: You, your Bible, clothes toiletries, snacks to share, monetary donations for our speaker and work crew, CPAP machine, extra pillow/blanket if so inclined.

What is Men’s Retreat?

Men’s Retreat is a chance for the men of Ogden Church to take some time away from the everyday and get some intentional time for worship, pray, time in God’s word, not to mention plenty of fun and relaxation! How will you spend your time at the retreat? The options are endless. The annual Bob Fultz Sr. Memorial Euchre Tournament will be played, and the many wonderful amenities of Timber Wolf Lake will be open as well including: a full gym, billiards, ping pong, hiking/walking trails, tubing, skiing, and snowball fights. For those who want to slow things down a little there will be plenty of time to nap, read, or relax as you see fit!
Cost traditionally runs $110 per person and includes all meals and activities.