Small Group Leader Training 

We believe that God will move in powerful ways in our church to enrich community through Small Groups. We are in the process of meeting as a team over the course of four weeks in order to help equip Small Group Leaders with the tools necessary to facilitate effective interactions.

We believe spiritual growth flows out of two basic commitments:

A commitment to God and the Bible.
A commitment to significant Christian relationships.

Small Groups help develop these significant relationships!


Small Group Training:  Session 1

During this session we spoke about our hopes and fears for Small Groups. We watched a video from Tim Keller that helped cast vision for what Small Groups could look like. Our hope is that each group is led by two couples and that these groups are starting to process what type of group they would like to be (Bible Study, Right Now Media study, Social, or care oriented).  Thanks to everyone who was able to come.  See you soon.



We had a great meeting in which we discussed small group myths for the first half of our time and then processed 10 helpful hints for small group leaders.  I am very encouraged by the conversation that took place and I look forward to our small groups being a powerful place of growth.


Small Group Leader Training Week 3

In week number three we watched this great video by John Ortberg and then discussed it.  We will start our meeting next week discussing the right now media options.  This week I will be sending each of our small group leaders a log in to right now media. I will be posting a list of great teachers that would be a good place to start looking through curriculum options for our groups.  We had a great discussion but the camera did not pick up the audio portion of the video so we are unable to post it:(.



There are some great resources we have access to through rightnow media.  I am including a list of great teachers that have content on here including: small group bible studies, topical studies (marriage, parenting, ect.), and conference sessions that are all very helpful!  I will be sending you all an email that will allow you to long in to the website and have access to the content.  Please spend some time just looking through to see what is available.  

Matt Chandler 

Ravi Zacharias 

Andy Stanley 

John Ortberg 

David Platt 

Wayne Cordeiro 

Larry Osborne

Bill Hybels 

Dave Ramsey 

D. A. Carson

Tony Evans 

John Piper 

David Nasser 

R. C. Sproul 

Francis Chan 

Tim Keller 

William Lane Craig 

Henry Cloud 

Kevin DeYoung 

Eric Metaxes


Small Group Leader Training Week 4

We had our fourth and final small group leader training.  We listened to a message from John Piper about having small groups that function out of the promises of God.  My hope is that these groups are a way for us to love each other well and point one another to the truth that we have a God that will never leave nor forsake us.  The discussion after the audio clip was only about 22 minutes so please watch that as well.  We anticipate God's movement in and through these groups.