Continue Your Journey With Us

1- In Worship

Experience a compelling, one-hour Sunday Service at 9am or 10:30am—with worship and biblical teaching for adults every Sunday, as well as exciting programs for the children aged nursery through Grade 8.

Can’t make it to a service? LIVE stream services a www.facebook.com/ogdenchurch223 or download from the website under the messages tab.

2- In Bible Study

Since the creator made an instruction manual for our life—don’t you think we should study it? Wednesdays evenings in the Fall and Spring there are studies for adults and programs for students aged nursery through Grade 8, with High School Bible Studies meeting on separate nights (see Student Ministry page for more details).

3- In Life Groups

 Life groups are essential to spiritual growth.  Our goal is that everyone who comes to Ogden Church would be involved in a life group or another similar small group experience.  The purpose is to develop significant spiritual relationships through which God shapes our character.  This may mean meeting in homes, or doing service projects, but mainly the goal is to have a network of people sharing life together in their pursuit of Christ. To find the group that is right for you head over to the Life Groups tab of the website.