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        We hope to be a light for Christ in every corner of our county.

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Taking time to address some of the practices and principles that build the foundations of the Christian life. Is there truth in this world and if so where do I get it? What did Jesus do for me? How do I move onward through life? The foundations we have in Christ can hold us through the best and worst moments we experience in life!



What does it mean to be a part of the people of God? Who is the God we serve and how out we relate to Him as a part of this new family identity we have been given in Christ?


This Matters Most

What is the most important thing in this life? How people view us, the deeds we do, what we amount to? What if what mattered most is not what we become on this earth but how we are seen by a holy and loving God?



Mountaintop Experiences

A look at the mountaintop experiences of the Bible, and the God that desires to join us there!


What's Important

No one can deny that the holidays are a crazy time of year, and it can become easy to let the chaos of the holidays draw its circle around you and distract from what is most important. This Christmas season we look at the things we can draw our circle around this Christmas stepping to what is most important before the season draws its circle around you.


100% Genuine

The call of Jesus Christ in our lives is more than a passive affiliation but a call to a completely new way of life. How do we live into this reality? This series looks at lessons and practical applications for Christian living from Romans 12-15


Glocal Missions Weekend

Mission Partner and Ogden Church Member Pam Harpst of Riverflow Ministry shares from John 10 on the Good Shepherd, and on her ministry in southern Haiti helping to build healthy communities and expand the Gospel of Jesus Christ


The Now Promise

Those who are followers of Jesus have an assurance of eternal life. But Jesus does not only leave us a distant someday promise but a series of promises that are effective now!  


The Someday Promise

When faced with the reality of tragedy and natural disaster it is important to be able to step back and evaluate what it means to be a Christian. What you believe about Jesus' death and resurrection has serious implications for your life and how you view what comes next.


Set Your Heart

A two-week look at Colossians Chapter 3. We are called to set our hearts on the things above, and yet so often our sin weighs us down. There are sins we would be better off without, and other things we'd be better suited to have more of. It's harder to fight for these things alone, but when we gather in community it is easier to set our hearts on the things of God.


The Movement

A four-week series will address the context in which Jesus makes some of his most bold statements about the church and how the church will turn the world upside down!


Malachi - The Father's love

We will be spending 3 weeks working through the prophetic truth of this amazing Old Testament book.  We are looking at who God is and what our appropriate response to His love should be.



Parabola - Part 2

Jesus' parables carried some deep thoughts to those around him.  Sometimes those near him understood what he was saying while other times his disciples would ask him in private.  We have an opportunity to go even more deep to understand them.  



Easter @ Ogden 

God has something for us this Easter.  He wants to teach us something new and exciting. Too many times we think that we've heard it all on Easter, but lets face it...we'll never solve the full mysteries of God!

Parabola - Jesus Secrets

Judge not or judge?  Is it never OK to judge or are we showing love by judging at times?  Oh...and what about that speck in your eye?  Jesus first secret is about if, when and how we should judge.  The parabola is in play...

Experiencing God's Grace Together

God's grace is a personal thing, but it's also meant to be experience by others.  What is keeping you from stepping toward the rest of the Body of Christ?