Welcome to Ogden Church


Ogden is an authentic community of people who are on a journey toward knowing God more.  We invite you to come as you are and join us on a journey of exploring God's love for us as expressed through the person and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  



We believe that the Bible is God's word.


The Bible is one of the primary ways in which God reveals himself to us.  We continually open God's word together to understand more fully His gracious love for us.


Reality Check

Series out of the book of 1st john reminding us of who god has called us to be.

1.  Week one 2.  Week two  

1.  Week one

2.  Week two


Eye Witnesses

We set time aside to remember that Jesus was a real man who walked the earth.  There were people who lived life with Jesus and were alive when the New Testament was written.



Series about running brides  

Series about running brides



In the heart of Lenawee


We hope to be a light for Christ in every corner of our county.