In the heart of Lenawee

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        We hope to be a light for Christ in every corner of our county.

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With Us

This Christmas season we take some time to reflect on the unbelievable reality that the God who created everything came to earth as a baby in a feeding trough. What does this mean for us and how should we respond to this news? Join us as we open God’s word and investigate together!

We are the Church

Is the church a social club? A clique? A building? A place where only the righteous are welcome? No! The church is a group of people; a group that is on mission, living in community with one another, and using our gifts to serve our king. Join us as we see how the Church is God’s Plan A… and there is no Plan B!

Jonah & the City

Jonah is called to go into the city of his enemies and call them to repent. Through the twists and the turns of this tale we see that through our disobedience and prejudices God is faithful and will accomplish his plans for our broken world.

Connect the Dots

We were created to be in relationship with other people, yet despite numerous social networks of superficial connection we live in a society plagued by loneliness. Rediscover the beauty of the connection with others you were made for: a connect built around Jesus Christ.

Can't Stop This Feeling

This Family Sunday message helps us consider where we run to in order to feel happy, and where we can look to find true contentment.