God On Film - Week 4

“It doesn’t matter what the instruction is, it matters where it comes from.”

Many of us doubt God because we think he knows better than us...when we realize ALL POWER belongs to Him it changes how we live. No matter what the storm brings, he can provide peace in our hearts and hope for eternity with Him.

God On Film - Week 1

“Jesus is not our genie, he is our Savior. He came not to grant your wishes, but to wash away your sin.”

Listen in as we start our new series God On Film

If you come to him with open hands and lay your cares at his feet, we can walk in freedom and joy for what he has already done, and the Hope eternity with Him.

Nehemiah - Week 7

God’s truth is unchanging in and ever-changing world. ⠀

We seek his truth by:⠀
•reading His word, our instruction manual ⠀
•clarifying our understanding and how it applies to our life ⠀
•celebrating God’s goodness and love⠀

We strive to understand the deep truths around the simple truths of sin, repentance, and salvation. ⠀

The joy of the Lord is our strength.⠀
You are never too broken to engage with our loving Father, you simply must come with an open heart. ⠀

Nehemiah - week 6

The fear of God must be central to how we handle and interpret our lives.

Fear of God gives:⠀
•a voice to the weak⠀
•eyes for justice ⠀
•a picture of restoration ⠀

It gives us an understanding of his Grace, the awareness that true justice does not exist without God, and that He gives value where the world sees none. ⠀

We are His people and have been created in his image. Our mission is to be a light, a reflection of His glory...to let his Grace flow through us, not just to us. ⠀