Filters - Week 3

For a few weeks we have looked at what it means for sin to change the way we look at sin.  The deception of believing that something bad is good.  This week we will change the perspective.  Jesus is the lens through which God looks at us.  We can be made new through Him.  Listen in as we see hope for our sin through Christ.

The Content Life - Week 3

Forgiveness is one of those things we all like for ourselves, but aren’t always as keen to extend to someone else. As we look at Matthew 18 we see that forgiveness carries a burden for the forgiver, the forgiven, and the unforgiven. As difficult as that can be to carry, we are reminded that Jesus Christ first carried the burden for us on the cross.

New Years 2019

I’m excited about what God has been teaching me about the coming year 2019 to share at Ogden Church on Sunday, December 30th. Moses gave some pretty great instruction to the Israelites for their New Year that applies to us for our New Year! Come ready to worship in song and Word! And share communion together to get us ready for a Happy New Year! - - Pastor John

With Us - Week 3

When we are faced with difficulty it is easy for us to wonder where God is, or feel like he couldn't possibly understand what we're going through. However one of the beauties of Christmas is understanding that the God we worship is someone who is With Us in our suffering. This week we will at Isaiah 53 and see that far from being indifferent in your suffering God can relate for Jesus was sent to suffer for us.

With Us - Week 1

Really good news is something you can't help but share! And during the Christmas season we have the best news of all: that God came to be with us to save us from the sin we are stuck in... and that's a message worth sharing! As we begin the With Us Series we look at the shepherds and how the good news of Christmas was observed, confirmed, and shared.