The church isn't just something you "go to" it is something you are a part of! We want to invite people into a place of continued investment and belonging at Ogden with an emphasis on Group Life. Wherever you are on your journey we want to invite you to take your next step of belonging here!

Group Life

Get Connected. Go Deeper.

Sunday Morning was never designed to be enough for a Christian believer. We need connection with one another, and badly need to be pointed back to our need for the grace on offer through the blood of Christ. At Ogden, Group Life is an instrumental part of how we see spiritual growth happen within the church. Whether by connecting to an Affinity Group, attending a Growth Group  class, or diving into a Life Group we see group life as vital to the healthy life of a believer and invite you to find a place to belong here.

Find Your Next Step

Life Group

Our signature expression of life-together at Ogden. Life Groups join together to fellowship with one another and spend time diving into God's word through the ups and downs of life. 

Affinity Group

Whether targeted towards a specific stage  like the Senior Fellowship and Woven Motherhood Group, or a specific commitment like a Men's CLC or Women's JOY Group; Affinity Groups are made to call you deeper in  you walk in specific and intentional ways.

Growth Group

Growth Groups focus on seeking deeper understanding of biblical perspective. This is achieved through a multitude of ways including traditional bible study, topical studies, or even digging into a book by a well regarded Christian thinker.


Take a step of ownership and accountability by pursuing membership. Classes are offered 2-3 times a year to help acquaint you more deeply with the mission and vision of the church.


We each have gifts that can be used in service of the body of Christ here at Ogden. A great way to feel a deeper sense of belonging and grow in some unique ways can be found through finding a serving home.


For those who have made the decision to follow Jesus and acknowledge him as their Lord and Savior, we are invited to make public declaration of our faith through the ordinance of Baptism. We observe baptism multiple times through the year preceded by a class detailing the meaning and purpose of baptism for those interested.

Group Life in Action

Take a peak at the groups currently meeting around Ogden.

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Jack Hickly

Associate Pastor